Rainfall Observations

July 2019

Total 3mm

June 2019

Total 416.2mm

May 2019

Total 21.2mm

April 2019

Total 0mm

March 2019

Total 116.6mm

February 2019

Total 8.6mm

January 2019

Total 106.8mm

December 2018

Total 88.8mm

November 2018

Total 51.6mm

October 2018

Total 58mm


Total 48.8mm

August 2018

Total 45mm

July 2018

Total 9.6mm

June 2018

Total 45mm

May 2018

Total 18.8mm

April 2018

Total 31.6mm

March 2018

Total 71.2mm

February 2018

Total 30.8mm

January 2018

Total 11mm

December 2017

Total 5.8mm

November 2017

Total 72.2mm

October 2017

Total 43.4mm


Total 3.6mm

August 2017

Total 28mm

July 2017

Total 2.4mm

June 2017

Total 13.8mm

May 2017

Total 23.8mm

April 2017

Total 10.2mm

March 2017

Total 21.6mm

February 2017

Total 7.8mm

January 2017

Total 40.8mm

December 2016

Total 31mm

November 2016

Total 59.8mm

October 2016

Total 75.2mm


Total 217.2mm

August 2016

Total 24.6mm

July 2016

Total 4.4mm
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